Bài Khả năng kì diệu của lá cây

(Tài liệu chưa được thẩm định)
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Bài Tập Thì Hiện Tại Đơn
Chia động từ trong ngoặc ở thì Hiện Tại Đơn:
1.     I (be) ________ at school at the weekend.
2.     She (not study) ________ on Friday.
3.     My students (be not) ________ hard working.
4.     He (have) ________ a new haircut today.
5.     I usually (have) ________ breakfast at 7.00.
6.     She (live) ________ in a house?
7.     Where your children (be) ________?
8.     My sister (work) ________ in a bank.
9.     Dog (like) ________ meat.
10.  She (live)________ in Florida.
11. It (rain)________ almost every day in Manchester.
12. We (fly)________ to Spain every summer.
13. My mother (fry)________ eggs for breakfast every morning.
14. The bank (close)________ at four o`clock.
15. John (try)________ hard in class, but I (not think) ________ he`ll pass.
16. Jo is so smart that she (pass)________ every exam without even trying.
17. My life (be) so boring. I just (watch)________ TV every night.
18. My best friend (write)________ to me every week.
19.  You (speak) ________ English?
20. She (not live) ________ in HaiPhong city.
I/ Put the verbs into Present Continuous Tense:
     1. John (not read) ________ a book now.
     2. What you (do) ________ tonight?
     3. Jack and Peter  (work) ________ late today.
     4. Silvia  (not listen) ________ to music at the moment.
     5. Maria  (sit) ________ next to Paul right now.
     6. How many other students  you (study) ________ with today?
     7. He always (make) ________ noisy at night.
     8. Where your husband (be) ________?
     9. She (wear) ________ earrings today.
     10. The weather (get) ________ cold this season.
     11. My children (be)________ upstairs now. They (play)________ games.
     12. Look! The bus (come)________.
     13. He always (borrow) ________me money and never (give)________ back.
     14. While I (do)________ my housework, my husband (read)________ books.

1.Water ______ at 100 degrees Celsius. a) boiling b)boils c)is boiling d)boil 2. Bettina usually ______ television in the evening. a)watches b)watching c)watch d) has watched 3.Rosemary ______ to agree with us now. a)is appearing b)appear c)appeared d)appears 4.Look! That man ______ your bike! a) is stealing b)steals c)stealing d)stolen 5.I’m sorry I ______ to do my homework yesterday. a)am forgetting b)have forgotten c)forgot d)forget 6.We ______ any interesting films lately. a)didn’t see b)haven’t seen c)saw d)have seen 7.Eric _____ a flat yet, so he’s still living with his parents. a)found b)didn’t find c)is finding d)hasn’t found 8. They _____ running their own company in 1980. a)started b)have started c)are starting d)start 9.She’s a law student and she ______ for four years now. a)studied b)is studing c)has been studing d)did study 10. I think I _____ my door key. I can’t find it any where. a)lost b)have lost c)am losing d)will lose 11.The film _____ when we arrived at the cinema. a)has bedun b)begun c)had begun d)begins 12.I wasn’t thirsty because I _____ some milk. a)drunk b)have just drunk c)just drank d)had just drunk 13. When the match was over , the spectator ______ home. a)went b)had gone c)were going d)have gone 14.After having a bath, he _____ his supper. a)had eaten b)ate c)has eaten d)was eating 15.The phone _____ suddenly while Joanne was doing the housework. a)rang b)was ringing c)had rung d)is ringing 16.It _____ as we drove slowly along the road. a)had snowed b)had snowed c)was snowing d)is snowing 17.Mrs Edwards _____ history for 35 years, and is retiring soon. a)teaches b)is teaching c)taught d)has been teaching 18.Did you see